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Individual Therapy


At TNS Counseling, I provide individual therapy sessions to those 18 and up who struggle with issues related to… 

  • trauma,

  • self-esteem,

  • PTSD,  

  • parenting skills, 

  • panic, 

  • OCD, 

  • Life transitions, 

  • job stress, 

  • grief/loss, 

  • family caregiving stress, 

  • emotional eating due to stress, 

  • depression, 

  • burnout, 

  • body image issues, 

  • anxiety, 

  • aging concerns, 

  • adjustment disorder, 

  • pregnancy loss and miscarriage. 

Individual therapy work can include...

*Learning how to setting healthy boundaries 

*Skills training

*Behavior Rehearsal

*Trauma healing work with EMDR

*Emotional awareness work

*Emotional regulation work


*Sessions are usually 50 minutes in duration and can occur weekly or


For more information about EMDR

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