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Hello and welcome to my site! 


Thank you so much for visiting my site. I know how stressful it can be to search for a therapist that will meet your needs, so let me tell you a little about me to help reduce some of that stress. 


It’s so easy to neglect yourself and your needs in order to take care of all your daily responsibilities. But when this happens, you can find yourself easily irritated, frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed by stress. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! 


At TNS Counseling, I provide individual therapy sessions to those 18 and up who struggle with issues related to… 

  • trauma,

  • self-esteem,

  • PTSD,  

  • parenting skills, 

  • panic, 

  • OCD, 

  • Life transitions, 

  • job stress, 

  • grief/loss, 

  • family caregiving stress, 

  • emotional eating due to stress, 

  • depression, 

  • burnout, 

  • body image issues, 

  • anxiety, 

  • aging concerns, 

  • adjustment disorder, 

  • pregnancy loss and miscarriage. 


I am trained in evidence-based interventions that include…

  • EMDR 

  • CBT

  • Play Therapy


For more information about healing from trauma with EMDR,  


My approach is…

  • Laid-back

  • Friendly,

  • And strength-based. 

You are placed at the center of the service as a person first, not as a condition.


I strive to provide you with the space where you can feel…

  • safe,

  • understood 

  • and validated.


Each session is truly a judgement free zone. 

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